Diversity Programs Study Used to Improve Cornell

Although President David Skorton focused on the success of Cornell’s Capital Campaign in his State of the University Address, given Trustee/Council Weekend, he also focused on another pertinent issue — diversity at Cornell.
Skorton addressed a recent study, funded by the Teagle Foundation, on the effectiveness of diversity programs at Cornell and other universities. Teagle is a philanthropic foundation that provides grants for research on student programs.

Workers' Center Petitions Spitzer For Universal Health Care

In its continuing fight for universal health care in New York State, the Tompkins County Workers’ Center delivered 2,207 petitions to Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) Thursday, Sept. 5 demanding health care for all New York residents. The petitions were delivered in Glen Falls, N.Y. at the first of five statewide health care hearings on the issue.
The petitions specifically ask for a single-payer health care system throughout the state of New York. A single-payer system is one in which hospitals and health care providers are paid by a single payer — in this case the New York State government.
According to the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, there are currently 3 million people without insurance in New York.

C.U. Motto Earns Top Rank

While nearly every Cornell student is aware of Cornell’s motto, it has now been recognized on a national scale, as it was named the top motto among U.S. universities by Motto Magazine. Cornell topped the list with the legendary words written by Ezra Cornell in a letter to Andrew Dickson White in which he wrote, “I would found an institution where any person could find instruction in any study.”
Motto Magazine’s editors reviewed hundreds of different college mottos before compiling The 10 Best College Mottos. The influence the mottos have on alumni is “subject to your interpretation,” according to Kevin Salwen, Motto Magazine co-founder and former Wall Street Journal editor. “The beauty of this motto is its inherent accuracy,” said Tommy Bruce, vice president for university communications. “Cornell University students come from all walks of life, all income levels, races, religions and lifestyles.

Holi Festival Celebrates Beginning of Spring

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than by throwing colored powder at your friends?

The Hindu Student Council (HSC) hosted Holi 2007 on Saturday with food, music and lots of colored powder in the Anabel Taylor courtyard. Despite the less than perfect weather, nearly 600 students and Ithacans turned out for the event.

GRE Changes Cancelled

The Educational Testing Service recently canceled plans to change the Graduate Record Examinations after concluding that the new exam format did not provide guaranteed access for all students. The new test would have been launched in September; however, the current exam will continue to be administered until further notice.

Schools Increase Black Enrollment

On Tuesday, March 6, The Washington Post published the results of a study co-authored by Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania regarding the increasingly common university practice of bolstering black student enrollment numbers by admitting black immigrant students in place of African-American applicants.

City Talks Immigration

“I think immigration issues are extremely important at this time, and I think the plight of farm workers specifically is something that is ignored,” said Seth Lyons ’09, a student in History 431: Farm Workers.

‘Angola 3’ Activist Speaks Out

Robert ‘King’ Wilkerson urges change in U.S. prisons

“There is something drastically wrong with the system. We want to do something about this,” said Robert ‘King’ Wilkerson, a former political prisoner and one of the “Angola 3.”

Wilkerson spoke to students last night about the U.S. prison system, including his wrongful incarceration for the murder of a fellow prisoner in 1973 and investigation claiming his involvement in the murder of a prison guard in 1972.

Forum Scrutinizes Diversity

Last night, President David Skorton addressed the Cornell community as the special guest of a Black Students United forum on diversity.

BSU is an umbrella organization for African-American groups on campus that seeks to create a bridge of communication between black students and the greater Cornell community.