Unwrapping Spotify Wrapped

So, as you swipe through your Spotify Wrapped this year, don’t be too harsh. It’s been a long year, and whatever you listened to helped get you through it. Post your stats on Instagram — or don’t. I promise nobody cares as much as you do.

When Did Sleep Go Out of Style?

Let’s face it: sleep just isn’t cool anymore, nor is it valued by society. Instead of encouraging exhausted people to get a good night’s sleep, society’s go-to advice is to have an energy drink and push through the pain.

Seven Mammoths Find Their Home at Schwartz

This play was not for the uninitiated theatre goer. With complex intersections of queer romance and the struggles of accepting change in both positive and negative manners, one must truly be prepared to think throughout the entire 120 minutes.

PONTIN | Goodnight Moon

What could be more peaceful and more innocent than the process of wishing goodnight to the very fixture of nighttime itself, without whom our night sky would remain stuck in a perpetual state of new moon? 

YANG | Yassification: Contestation of the Extremes and the Binaries

This experience of “yassifying” myself made me rethink what this internet trend reveals about our culture. While playfulness is core to the “yassification” memes, there’s nonetheless an eerie feeling of revealing the uncanny valley of our reality that’s not far removed from the simulated extremes.