Renovation Highlights Fire Safety Issues

The news of Olin Library’s renovation, which is set to begin in 2009, includes plans to update the building’s fire safety system and has stirred discussion on campus, raising questions as to how safe University buildings actually are.
That Olin Library does not meet fire codes brings into question fire safety systems in other buildings on campus.
Carl A. Kroch University Librarian Anne R. Kenney did not explicitly say whether or not Uris Library, built in 1891, meets fire codes. The building has never been completely renovated despite “numerous renovations [and] improvements to portions of the building,” according to Kenney.

C.U. Minds Matters Hosts Talk To Raise Mental Health Awareness

Yesterday, Alison Malmon relayed how her world came tumbling down in March 2000 when her brother, Brian, committed suicide. Malmon, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, spoke to students in The Straight about how she has since dedicated her life to raising awareness of the importance of mental health.
A year following her brother’s death, Malmon concentrated her energy toward a positive goal by founding Active Minds, “the nation’s only organization dedicated to using the student voice to raise mental health awareness on college campuses.” Seven years later, Active Minds has grown to 154 chapters with headquarters located in Washington, D.C.