BULKELEY | Thanks for Twisting my Arm

For every event missed because I was covering a game or asking questions at a presser, I created an entirely different set of memories that I’ll look back on whenever I think about my college years. From going to an ECAC Tournament and sleeping on the freezing cold hotel room floor to complaining about Midnight Edit at one of The Sun’s infamous last-night-of-publishing parties, I got to be a part of some pretty memorable times.

BULKELEY | Weaponizing Sports in the 2020 Presidential Election

“The people of Ohio are very proud of me,” the president said regarding his alleged involvement in the Big Ten season. Of course, Ohio, a key battleground state, is home to Big Ten contender The Ohio State University, whose fanbase is theoretically composed of voters who Trump hopes will fill in the bubble next to his name on Election Day to swing the state red.