News Analysis: Spitzer Debates Faso Tonight

Dem, GOP governor candidates face off in Bailey

In Bailey Hall tonight, Attorney General Eliot L. Spitzer and former Assemblyman John J. Faso will each try to convince the packed house and the TV audience that he deserves to be the next governor of New York State.

C.U. Cricketers Crack Their Bats on Campus

“Around! Around!”
The bowler shouted as he ran toward his wicket, and then, in something between a leap and what in baseball is called a crow hop, whirled his right arm exactly 180 degrees over his head and sent the ball hurtling to the pitch where it skittered and then bounced up towards the heavily armored batsman’s mask.

Workers Talk Union at Labor Day Picnic

Classes may have been in session up on the Hill yesterday, but by the shores of Cayuga Lake, Labor Day was observed and celebrated. Children played on a fire truck; picnickers ate barbecue, watermelon and Cornell Dairy ice cream; and a folk band sang labor songs about the Haymarket riot, the historic demonstration for an eight-hour workday that turned violent in Chicago in 1886.

Skorton Checks In

C.U. president and wife move into Mary Donlon Hall for one week

A half an hour before President David J. Skorton was scheduled to move into Mary Donlon Hall yesterday, one of the other residents, Daniel Ochs ’10, was waiting for his new dorm mates just down the hall.

Skorton Announces Sudan Policy

Cornell to selectively divest from companies that support gov't

Cornell will divest from Sudan in response to the genocide in Darfur, President David Skorton announced on Monday. The University will bar investments of its endowment assets in oil companies currently operating in Sudan and in obligations of the Sudanese government, according to a press release issued by the administration. The government of Sudan has long been under fire from the international community for rapes and murders being perpetrated on tribespeople by so-called janjaweed militia in the western Sudanese region of Darfur. Skorton and local and national activists are enthusiastic about Cornell’s decision to divest from the country.

David Skorton Takes Post As Cornell’s New President

Cardiologist leaves Iowa for Ithaca to join Big Red

A little more than one week after the class of 2010 moves into North Campus dorms this August, Cornell’s third president in as many year will also move in — to Mary Donlon Hall. Incoming President David J. Skorton and his wife Robin L. Davisson will live in Donlon’s writer-in-residence suite for one week. It is all part of the president’s plan to get to know the student body.

Cornel West Tackles Race, Injustice

More than 600 people turned out on a Saturday night to listen to a man preach.

More than 600 people turned out on a Saturday night to listen to a man preach. Prof. Cornel West, religion and African-American studies, Princeton, spoke from the pulpit of Sage Chapel, promoting social engagement and non-complacence with his singular dexterous fusion of academic theory, political activism and pop cultural commentary.

The Sun Gets Intimate With Sexpert Dr. Ruth

Escaping from Nazi Germany to Switzerland at 10 years old, Dr. Ruth Westheimer made her way through Israel and France before coming to the United States, where she would become famous as a radio “sexpert” and advocate for sexual literacy.

Before sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s talk in Statler Auditorium yesterday evening, the diminutive sex sage, ex-sniper and Jewish grandmother sat down with The Sun for an interview as she signed copies of her books in the Statler Hotel lounge.

THE SUN: As if it’s hard enough for many people to believe that a Jewish grandmother is a sex therapist, you were also a sniper in the Israeli War of Independence.

DR RUTH: I was. I’m not now.

THE SUN: Of course.

DR RUTH: But I’ve never killed anybody. I for some strange reason can put five bullets into the red circle, and I know – knew – how to throw hand grenades, and it was like the underground of what is now the Israel Defense Forces.

THE SUN: The Haganah.

DR RUTH: The Haganah. And it wasn’t an act of heroism. All of us were in some group or another to defend the country in 1948.

THE SUN: And you were injured.

DR RUTH: And I was injured by a