Meet Peter Kwon '11, Lone Protester

Meet Peter Kwon ’11. Yesterday he got so mad about the death of Schedulizer that he ran into the Cornell Store, bought some poster board and a marker, and began a one-man crusade on Ho Plaza. “Bring Schedulizer back!” he shouted. “PeopleSoft may not need Schedulizer but the students do!” he cried. Again, and again, and again. Kwon drew stares, chuckles, and a steady stream of support. “Screw PeopleSoft! PeopleSoft is garbage!” one kid called out.
Kwon said he was undaunted by the fact that he was standing alone, and unafraid of University retaliation.
“What are they going to do, expel me?” Kwon said.

Frosh Architects Parade for Annual Dragon Day Celebration

Today from 1 – 3 p.m., the first-year architecture students will unleash a dragon.
Frankenstein had his monster, Henry Higgins his Pygmalion. And in the darkest depths of their Rand Hall lair, the first year architects this week created a vicious, bloodthirsty beast that knows no mercy.
But today — today that beast will meet his fiery end.
With a terrible strength far beyond the ken of mortal man, the dragon will burst out of Rand Hall at 1 p.m., travel east on University Ave., before continuing on to East Ave., Campus Road and the South Central walkway through Ho Plaza before entering the Arts Quad between Uris and Olin libraries.

Taj Mahal in Ithaca: A Musical Reflection

I won’t beat around bush — the crowd at the State Theater last Thursday was old. It was about even-split between a graying, be-ponytailed group clad mostly in fleece jackets with Barack Obama buttons and a group of rowdy, mustachioed, big-bellied contractors wearing their work jackets over old Buddy Guy t-shirts.

The unfortunate state of rock and roll music is a lot like Taj Mahal himself: a 250 pound, 67-year-old man shaking his hips on stage. It still sounds great, but you have to wonder why this guy — long past the apogee of his popularity — is still sticking around.

This Week in History

Ujamaa Formed
On Feb. 24, 1972, The Cornell Chronicle reported that students began planning for Ujamaa residential college. Ujamaa, the article stated, is a Swahili term “that embodies the concepts of self-reliance, hard work and cooperative economics.”

Ithaca Mayor Declares Snow Emergency

As a midwestern storm system barreled down to dump an anticipated two feet of snow on Central New York yesterday afternoon, Ithaca’s mayor declared a snow emergency, TCAT vowed its busses would run throughout the storm and Cornell officials and grounds crews prepared for massive cleanup operations.

City News

Illness Shuts Down Lansing Schools
Schools in nearby Lansing were closed Friday in attempt to beat a wave of illness tearing through the schools. Thursday, 180 of the 400 students at Lansing Middle School were absent and school officials sent home eight more. Most students and staff have suffered from flu-like symptoms and strep throat. The superintendent canceled after-school activities through today for kindergarten through eighth grade students. Even though school was closed, staff came in Friday to wipe the desks down with disinfectant.