Color Me Impossible

I was aimlessly web surfing my way through the boredom of a summer internship when I came across the article, “Pixel Perfect”, published in The New Yorker last month. It outlined the lifestyle and works of Pascal Dangin, a professional photograph retoucher. As a Photoshop-guru-in-training myself, I decided Dangin basically has my dream job. He works with top fashion designers, world-famous photographers and a-list celebs, taking seemingly flawless people and images and making them even more perfect, all with the click of a mouse or the wave of the magic wand tool.

What's in a Design?

My first encounter with design was when my first-grade teacher told me to draw a design across a faded sheet of construction paper. As I sat there, a fat, violet Crayola marker resting in my fingers, I felt a looming sense of uncertainty concerning the instructions at hand. A design? Did that really mean we could draw anything?