"Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner"

21 has all of the elements required of a great movie. The cast is top-notch, the soundtrack is amazing and the photography itself does a fantastic job of keeping the viewer focused, adding the perfect amount of emphasis to important scenes. The problem, and perhaps the film’s greatest flaw, is that these accomplishments do not fit together well enough to make a movie to which people will keep coming back. 21 is a great experience and worth the price of admission, but don’t expect a memorable movie that will become the staple of your dorm DVD collection.

Eight Stories, One Review

Vantage Point is an entertaining flick. The story is interesting — if not slightly convoluted, the acting is good and the method by which both of these elements are conveyed is novel (for a movie) and oddly refreshing. While not something you should run out to see this second, it is one of the better thrillers that have been released recently.

Jumper Falls Flat

Jumper is a movie about stupid people who talk with stupid dialogue and make stupid decisions. Starring Hayden Christensen as David Rice and Samuel L. Jackson as Roland (no last name, like Cher), the film is riddled with plot holes, irrational scenarios and a tinny resonance where there should be character depth.

There Will Be (Lots of) Blood

Rambo is a movie with an identity crisis. It strives to be more than a mindless action flick, but can’t escape the sizable portion of the script that is devoted to copious violence. However, despite some shortcomings, the film is enjoyable so long as you don’t expect too much from it.

Directed by Sly Stallone himself, Rambo tries valiantly to be a character-driven tale of redemption. To achieve this end, Stallone adds some less-than-subtle foils to the story in an attempt to flesh out the humanity of Rambo, if indeed there is any left.