Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

That's Our Bundy

It’s time to face the final curtain for the end is almost here. In Sun tradition, I will explain my column’s moniker. In the sitcom of my life, “that’s our Bundy” would be the annoying catchphrase that garnered hysterical fits of canned laughter. It was an inside joke between friends and I promised former editor in chief Erica Fink and my friend David Bean that if I ever got a column, that would be its title.

Entourage and the Hollywood Redemption

That’s Our Bundy

It would be no shocking revelation to suggest Americans worship at the alter of Hollywood. It would be equally obvious to suggest Hollywood loves itself just as much as we do. Consider all the films ever made about show business and the mythic “dream factory.” Next to the mismatched buddy-cop duo, Hollywood is Hollywood’s favorite subject.

To America's Greatest

That's Our Bundy

Dear Jack,

It pains me to write this, but I can’t hide my true feelings any longer. We’ve had a lot of good times over the years and I never thought I would ever feel this way, but I must confess what I know to be true: I’m bored by your show.

30 Rocks: Peacock Network’s Hidden Gem

That's Our Bundy

Devin Gordon, author of a recent article in Newsweek titled, “Why TV Is Better Than the Movies,” only confirms what I’ve been saying for years. It may be strange to suggest it’s a problem, but there aren’t enough free hours in the week to keep up with so many great shows. That’s why it’s necessary to be discriminating in choosing which shows to follow regularly and which to place on the summer “to watch” list when the latest seasons’ DVDs get released. Two comedies have been “must-see-TV” this year. One of them is of course The Office and the other is 30 Rock.

Oscar Wrap-Up and an O.C. Farewell

That's Our Bundy

Two days ago, the Kodak Theatre was host to Hollywood’s version of the Super Bowl: the Academy Awards. The night offered few surprises and a lot of Al Gore but still proved to be an enjoyable celebration of the art of film. And I just love those movie montages.

Here Come the Oscars

That's Our Bundy

Every year my family and I have a friendly Oscar pool for a modest wager. Come Oscar night, we have fun tallying up the points to see who earned the yearly bragging rights. However, each year it seems to be getting harder and harder for the Academy Awards to remain interesting, because so many of the winners appear to have already been predetermined by the other awards leading up to the big ceremony. Regardless, Oscar night is less than two weeks away and I’d be lying if I were to tell you it’s not on my mind. So, here a few of my thoughts on the upcoming 79th Annual Academy Awards hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Andy Bernard, Cornell's TV Ambassador

That's Our Bundy

No one doubts the reputation of Cornell University as an institution of academic integrity and excellence. Countless Cornell graduates have done, are doing and will do great things in all facets of life after leaving our alma mater. However, one area sorely lacking is the school’s representation in the fictional worlds of television and film. Too many characters have come from those other Ivy League schools which shall not be named.

The Man Who Killed Kirk

Daze sits down with writer/ executive producer Ronald D. Moore '86

An enthusiastic crowd of sci-fi fans packed the Willard Straight Theatre last week to welcome back Ronald D. Moore ’86 and listen to him discuss his current project, Battlestar Galactica. Moore bummed around Hollywood for three years doing odd jobs until landing his big-break selling a spec-script to Star Trek: The Next Generation. For the next 10 years, Moore played a major role in shaping the Star Trek universe.

Some Serious Luck Needed

That's Our Bundy

Once upon a time, NBC was the toast of television ,with comedies like Seinfeld and Friends and dramas like L.A. Law and The West Wing. ER is actually still one of the bright spots for NBC and has rebounded in no small part through the casting of John “Uncle Jessie” Stamos. Except for Heroes, NBC’s newest shows have not performed well, with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip being the most disappointing. I’ve seen every episode so far and I’d be lying to say its cancellation would be a strong blow to the culture of television. As Peter Griffin might say, “it insists upon itself.” I want to like it badly, but I don’t feel that crucial Sorkin chemistry in the cast.

Hope Springs Eternal with the New Fall TV Season

That's Our Bundy

Anyone who thinks the New Year begins on January 1st is dead wrong. The New Year actually begins in September, when new television episodes from the network shows once again return to the airwaves. At a time when the leaves start changing and winter begins to rear its ugly head, the start of the new television season brings forth a spirit of optimism and hope. Old favorites return from a long summer hibernation to offer resolution to season finale cliff hangers while new shows rise up from the decayed remains of their Nielsen-ratings-challenged-predecessors. Will our favorite shows be just as good or will they be a shadow of their former selves? What new shows will delight us and which ones will fail miserably? These are the questions that make this time of the year so exciting.