C.U. Named Best Place to Work for People Over 50

Cornell is not just one of the best institutions for higher learning in the United States, but also the best place to work for people over the age of 50, according to the American Association of Retired Persons.
The AARP, which represents the interests of many Cornell staff and faculty age 50 and over, has named Cornell on its “Best Employers List” for four consecutive years, but its announcement at the end of September that Cornell topped the list was a first for the University.
Over 40 percent of Cornell faculty and staff are over the age of 50.
The Cornell Program for Healthy Living was one of the reasons Cornell was lauded, according to the University.

Safety Video Informs Incoming Class of Risks

“Don’t leave that popcorn unattended!”
The two students featured in the recently-produced Cornell safety video, warns incoming freshmen of the Class of 2012 to watch their kernels in the microwave.
According to the University, this warning is just one of the many issues covered by a new video, the brainchild of Allen Bova, director of Cornell Risk Management and Insurance. Bova created the video because he wondered if Cornell students actually read the student handbook.
In an effort to make the most relevant and important safety issues on campus more accessible to incoming students, Bova created the video with the help of Micah Cormier, a producer in Cornell’s Computing and Communications Center.