Housing Lottery Leaves Many Students Disappointed

Many students said they are not pleased with the housing lottery after they failed to get into the dorms they desired.
Over 3,000 students had signed up by the by Feb. 17 registration deadline. Although only 2,500 students have been assigned housing for next year, the difference can be accounted for by students who dropped out due to other housing arrangements.
Many of those students originally signed up because they were unsure if they would be living in their sorority or fraternity next year.
Currently, the University is working to process student surveys and housing data, said Carlos Gonzalez, director of contracts for campus life housing.
While no students were denied housing, many complained that they were assigned housing in dorms and program houses that they did not desire.

Marshall Appointed New Assoc. V.P. Alumni Affairs

The University’s Division of Alumni Affairs and Development announced the appointment of Christopher Marshall as Cornell’s associate vice president for alumni affairs on March 12. Marshall is the current executive director of the Lehigh University Alumni Association.
He will assume the position on June 1. The appointment comes after the former associate vice president stepped done earlier this semester.
Marshall said that he is “extremely excited and honored to have been considered, let alone accepted by the Alumni Affairs office.” Marshall will be responsible for organizing the over 200,000 Cornell alumni in order to improve Cornell alumni involvement.