New Owners Set to Reopen ABC Café

It appears that students will not be the only ones returning to Ithaca from summer vacation. After closing its doors in June, ABC Café, Ithaca’s longtime vegetarian restaurant and music venue, is returning this fall under the management of three new owners.
Sean Lunny and the two other owners, who have asked to remain anonymous for personal and business reasons, purchased the café’s menu and restaurant equipment in August after the former ABC Café was forced to close due to financial problems.

Yang ’11 Dies in Car Accident in Missouri

David Yang ’11 of Hillsborough, N.J. was killed Sunday evening while riding with his girlfriend in a Suzuki Forenza that was struck broadside by a Ford F-150 pickup truck at approximately 5:30 p.m. Yang was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident several miles northwest of Springfield, Mo., and the drivers of the two cars were transported to nearby hospitals with minor to moderate injuries.
Yang was returning from Oklahoma with his girlfriend ,Brianna Paolicelli of Millford, N.J., who was teaching in Oklahoma during the summer. According to the police report, Paolicelli was driving at the time of the accident and was taken to St. Johns Hospital of Springfield with minor injuries, while the driver of the pickup truck suffered moderate injuries.

Ithaca Creates, Sustains Green Jobs

In an continued effort to develop energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly innovation, Ithaca is set to launch a multitude of new programs this summer directed at training workers in the local community.
According to Julia Mattick, director of the Tompkins County Workforce Investment Board, the Board will invest approximately $120,000 in 2009 to fund various programs meant to create and sustain green-collar jobs for Ithacans under the age of 24. The funding comes primarily from the federal government’s workforce investment act and stimulus bill, according to Mattick.

Toilet Expert Separates Form and Function of Bathrooms

Curious students and faculty trickled into Sibley Hall yesterday afternoon to hear Barbara Penner, lecturer in architectural history in the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London, elucidate the relationship between bathrooms, social boundaries and architecture.
As Penner took the podium, the house lights fell to yield the title, “X is for An Expert on Bathrooms: Alexander Kira & Peter Greenaway’s 26 Bathrooms,” brightly projected onto the screen behind her.
The lecture featured a screening of Peter Greenaway’s 1985 film entitled Inside Rooms: 26 Bathrooms.

‘Tea Party’ Protests Gov’t Taxes

The commotion around the Commons yesterday was not a last-minute rush to mail tax returns. Instead, the small crowd of activists that assembled on the corner of E. State Street and Seneca Street had gathered to protest federal government taxation policies that, according to the organizer’s event invitations, constitute “willful, deliberate and recklessly irresponsible fiscal behavior.”

Hotel Ezra Cornell Dons Vegas Theme

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; however, that was not the case this weekend as various leaders of the hospitality industry parted from Sin City to impart their insights to students during the 84th annual Hotel Ezra Cornell. For two eventful days and three hedonic nights, students of the School of Hotel Administration hosted HEC, a yearly educational conference showcasing the skills and talents of the students as they temporarily assumed management of Statler Hotel.
The conference kicked off Thursday with “An Evening at Club HEC.” The Las Vegas-themed conference provided students opportunities to “demonstrate their knowledge by planning and executing a weekend full of culinary delights, innovative service and impressive speakers,” according to HEC’s website.

C-Town Zoning Raises Student Criticism

After hearing two hours of public comments from students and community members, the Ithaca Common Council voted six to four in favor of the proposed R-3c zoning in Collegetown during its meeting in the City Hall last night. However, despite the majority vote, the zoning proposal will not pass until a petition submitted by R-3c residents is reviewed.
The R-3c was proposed for a neighborhood in east Collegetown. During the meeting, a petition signed by eight residents owning 21 out of 34 pieces of property within the proposed bounds of R3-c opposing the creation of the new district was introduced to the Council. As a result, a super-majority vote of 75 percent of Council members is needed for the adoption of the R-3c proposal.

Students Speak Up on C-Town

As the moratorium on construction in Collegetown nears expiration and the planning of the neighborhood’s future remains under debate, more students are beginning to voice their opinions and exercise their influence on the planning process. Last night, members of the Student Assembly attended a meeting of the Collegetown Neighborhood Council, where community members and students discussed the progress of the development plan recommended by Goody Clancy consultants.

C.U. Dining Seeks to Decrease Food Waste

­It’s time to decide whether that mountain of Mongo-wokked goodness you overzealously loaded onto your tray is still worth eating. You might reason that anything remaining on your top-heavy tray is a sunk cost and place it on the conveyor belt, sending your food, tray and worries into the kitchen.
For some students, however, the worry and guilt associated with wasted food does not disappear so easily
“It’s a shame to see people waste so much food. I’m straight up livid. The University bears a cost and the environment bears the cost of having to wash extra plates and cutlery,” Josh Neifeld ’11 said.
Although excessive waste is undesirable, it is nonetheless unavoidable, according to Doug Lockwood, office manager for Cornell Dining.