Conspiring Failure

Boy has the past week been a roller coaster ride – we’ve had everything from pandemic jubilation about the American election to acute depression over the glut of lost jobs at Circuit City, the American Automakers and other companies. However, I’ve decided to play devil’s advocate and analyze our current situation from the perspective of a pessimistic conspiracy theorist – leading me to choose the word “setup” as my acronym for the week. The words chosen were:

* S – Saturday Night Live
* E – Endowments (or soon-to-be lack thereof)
* T – Treasuries
* U – Unrest (mainly racial unrest)
* P – Paulson, et. al

How do these words relate to conspiracy theories?

“Go Yield!”

Every new day of 2008 seems to bring more doom and more gloom, but for all of the foreboding of doom, destruction and further corporate deviance, it seems that the American people have become increasingly indifferent to the media. Americans seem to be unable to cope with the glut of bad news– instead they simply are willing to let Congress’s feeble criticism of the financial industry take precedence over finding a solution by forcing those involved to explain the mechanics and structure of their structured finance products. Furthermore, while it seems that many Americans are excited for the 2008 election , we still are unable to remember the events that happened just last week.

Recession, Evangelicals, Abortion, and the LHC

Recession. Evangelical. Abortion. Large Hadron Collider. What do these words have to do with each other (outside of the triviality the word “real” is spelled using the first letter of each word?) Sure, words have been tossed about in the news of late, but what does the world’s largest (and non-functional at the moment) particle accelerator have to do with “hot button” political buzz-words? Absolutely nothing. And that’s precisely the point.