‘She Said’ Turns the “He Said, She Said” Narrative on Its Head

How do you handle a story with immense weight? Is it possible to create meaningful change in normalized misconduct? How can you get someone to speak up after they have been silenced? She Said, released on Nov. 18, answered these questions for me as I sat reclined in my hometown movie theater during Thanksgiving break.

Lindsay Lohan Has Fans ‘Falling for Christmas’ In New Film

Netflix’s Falling for Christmas is a light-hearted welcome to the holiday season. The film gained considerable attention before its release in due to it being the first film featuring popular actress Lindsay Lohan, who plays the film’s main character, in over a decade.

A Stylish Sophomore Slump of Cinema: Olivia Wilde’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

As a director, Wilde prioritizes looks over content. You may have seen the film’s trailer, a highlight reel of Stepford Wives visual gags: eggs breaking with nothing inside, Alice wrapping her head in saran, Alice getting pressed to death while cleaning a window. They’re visually satisfying and no doubt creative, but don’t end up being relevant to the plot besides the general messaging that the “separate sphere” ideology is damning. Maybe this would have been groundbreaking during the rise of Second-Wave feminism but at this point has just become shorthand for a very limited view of women’s liberation.

Lynch: An Ode to the Weirdo’s Weirdo

As someone who is all three of those, the announcement of a David Lynch series at the Cornell Cinema was enough to make me giddy. But who is David Lynch, why is he so beloved and where can the less weird among us get started with his work?