LORENZEN | Beware of LinkedIn Brain

At its best, LinkedIn succeeds in its mission of, well, linking us in with professional contacts who can prove to be valuable sources of information or mentorship. At its worst, LinkedIn is a kind of professional cult composed of one part autofill inspirational stories, one part humble bragging, and one part career FOMO.

EPSTEIN |Get Your Daily Sun

While often associated with the transition from fall to winter, seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, can occur at any point of seasonal change with a significant amount those affected showing symptoms during the transition from winter to spring.

TAARIQ-SIDIBE | You Are Not Lazy, You Are In A Pandemic

Some tasks that I once considered simple have now become taunting, such as starting an assignment, sending an email or eating three meals a day. Though the tasks themselves did not change, my perception of them and the conditions in which they were completed, have. Since the start of the pandemic, many students and workers have been forced to adjust to new, functional environments. But our “new normal” has presented itself with its own set of challenges including potential harm to our physical and mental health. According to a study by the CDC, “Three out of four Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 report poor mental health tied to the pandemic.” Moreover, the same study reports that “80 percent of students around the country say that COVID has negatively impacted their mental health, their spiritual health, and career aspirations”.