BEARD | Burnt Out From Mediocrity 

Regardless, with the end in sight, don’t be a survivalist. Find what motivates you to be above average, lock it in, and write it on your mirror — otherwise, you may find yourself burnt out either way.

SMITH | Extension Request

Asking for an extension was a point of shame for me. To me, asking for an extension indicated that I had failed or that I had fallen short in comparison to my classmates who had been able to finish the assignment on time. I think a lot of people would agree that Cornell tests your limits, and that your time here teaches you a lot about what your personal limits are. So this is my case in support of extensions.

WISE-ROJAS | Don’t Expect Continued Mental Health Care from Cornell

Furthermore, the role of privilege is also evident when it comes to mental health care on campus; it’s not only prevalent in college admissions and the culture of attending an Ivy League school. One of Cornell’s Mental Health Initiatives includes their Fall 2020 Mental Health and Well Being Survey. Regarding mental health disparities, students of color, those who identify as a gender out of the binary or as transgender and those whose sexual orientation doesn’t fit societal norms struggle the most. 

BARAN | Letters to the Writing on the Wall #2

These words may mean little to you. But hopefully, they mean something to just a couple people here at Cornell, sitting in Zeus or in Libe Café reading a discarded copy of today’s paper. Hopefully, those people will get up, walk outside and smile at the nervous-looking student on the Arts Quad. Hopefully, those people will go to dinner that night, or next week, or next month, and plop down next to the kid sitting alone.

NGUYEN | My Spring of Surrender

It wasn’t until I untethered myself from our culture of excess that I was able to unearth the bounties that so many student organizations had promised me as a freshman: connection, community, interest development and identity formation. It’s almost like I can hear myself better in this quiet, like I can finally breathe without the congestion of my old commitments. It’s been in this spring of surrender that I’ve felt the freest.