We are thrilled to become first-time parents through adoption. We are a very happily married, stable, active, loving, health-conscious, professional, Ivy League educated, caucasian, and financially secure couple. Committed not only to being wonderful parents, we also want to ensure your comfort and privacy throughout the adoption process. We’d be honored if you’d help us fulfill our lifelong dream of raising a child to be kind, confident, open-minded, well-traveled, educated, and happy. Please email us to receive our full profile and photos: [email protected]


Loving couple wish to adopt a baby. Please call Alysa/Nick anytime, toll free @ 1-800-723-8455. Medical/legal expenses paid.


Young, Loving, Educated couple looking to start a family by adopting your child. Legal/Medical expenses covered. Please call Alyse & Seth 1-877 472-2979.


Happily married young couple wants to give your baby a loving home. Call Sal & Ann anytime 1-877-814-6999.


Caring, childless Cornell couple want to share our love with a child and are seeking to adopt an infant. Call 1-800-BETHANY to learn more about Mike & Cathy from Upstate New York or view our letter at Bethany.org, click family profiles, New York, scroll to Mike and Cathy.