WANG | Gillette is Chasing Profits, Not a Purpose

A YouTube commenter is apoplectic. “Just STOP buying Proctor and Gamble Products.” Another chimes in: “Gillette you just lost a 20 yr. customer.” Over the weekend, Gillette released a short film on YouTube titled “The Best Men Can Be” with a message that was simple, reasonable and needed: men should hold other men accountable for their actions. You’d think something level-headed would get a level-headed response in return. Instead, if you go by YouTube commentators, none seem too pleased.

WATCH ME IF YOU CAN | Manufacturing Desire in the Movies

In the early 1900s, people spent less time at work and there was an increase in wages.  For the first time in a while, there was disposable income and more leisure time for the average American.  There was also a major shift from the ethic of production to one of consumption.  Thus, desire was being manufactured at unprecedented rates.  Shopping became an important part of American pop culture, as it was one way to spend leisure time (and money, too).

Color Me Impossible

I was aimlessly web surfing my way through the boredom of a summer internship when I came across the article, “Pixel Perfect”, published in The New Yorker last month. It outlined the lifestyle and works of Pascal Dangin, a professional photograph retoucher. As a Photoshop-guru-in-training myself, I decided Dangin basically has my dream job. He works with top fashion designers, world-famous photographers and a-list celebs, taking seemingly flawless people and images and making them even more perfect, all with the click of a mouse or the wave of the magic wand tool.