LAM | Stop Eating With Your Phones!

Unpopular opinion: I adore the food at Cornell Dining and still retain a meal plan with them as a senior. As a result, I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the various dining halls across campus and I’m noticing the increasing plethora of people on their phones while eating, usually alone. It seems to be a wider phenomenon. Even my dad does it too now at home — and recently I called him out for it.  “You’re using a phone after I took a five hour-long bus trip to see you?

AT&T Builds Two Cell Phone Facilities on Campus

“Sick! Thank God!” Deanna Surma ’12 exclaimed.
Had Surma just learned that Slope Day was sooner than she thought? No, she was actually reacting to the announcement that AT&T will build two new cell phone facilities on campus. After two-and-a-half to three years of contract negotiations, the facilities, which will be on Bradfield and Donlon Hall, will be completed by late summer.
These have been greeted with enthusiasm by students with AT&T who despair at the lack of good reception on North Campus.
“It’s awesome to hear,” said Philip Alley ’12. “North Campus is plagued with AT&T holes [of service] near Ujamaa and Balch as well as some areas in Donlon. Countless times I’ve been walking through North and my call has been dropped.”