MEIDENBAUER | The Beginning of the End: COVID and College

For all of us in the Class of 2022, this period marks the beginning of our “lasts.” Our last first day of classes. Our last time we’ll move back into Collegetown apartments. Our last semester ever. Even as I’m typing this out, it doesn’t feel real, especially thanks to Zoom University. Like so many other seniors, I keep dreading the inevitable questions about post-grad plans.  A part of me feels like it’s somehow wrong to plan for a time after Cornell — the part of me that doesn’t quite know how to picture life any other way.  After all, like many of us, I’ve spent 16 of my 21 years in the educational system; being a student is a huge part of my life.

ONONYE | I Don’t Know What I’m Doing After I Graduate, Please Stop Asking Me

Last week, I visited my best friend who just began her new young-adult-post-Cornell life. We’ve been friends for almost four years, and I’ve never seen her as happy as she was last weekend. She and the other friends I had spent months stressed out about their post-Cornell careers, and they are all really settling into their new lives. I remember just a few months ago when they too were scrambling to find jobs, get fellowships and apply to graduate schools.