LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | Find Your Place at The Sun!

Since the pandemic, The Sun has undergone numerous ups and downs and remained afloat amid various challenges, including the general decline of local news and journalism as a profession.

Despite these challenges, we continue to publish daily online and twice a week in print. So, what keeps a place like The Sun moving every day? The students.

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | The Steady Blaze of an Evolving Star

Just as the editors of the first issue of The Sun realized, “there are many obstacles in the path of a college daily.” We understand this sentiment now more than ever. After weathering a global pandemic alongside the general decline of print media, our predecessors of the 140th editorial board laid a solid foundation for The Sun to grow by revitalizing the community while continuing to report on important matters. Throughout my nearly three years at The Sun, I have witnessed the strength of independent, student-run journalism, and as the new editorial board emerges, that strength will continue to build.