CORNELL CLOSE-UPS | Professor Altschuler Is Driven by Curiosity and Diverse Interests

Ever since Prof. Glenn Altschuler, American studies, joined the Cornell faculty in 1981, he has been an advocate for the value of the humanities and strong bonds between students and professors. “I’ve tried to have my say about the importance of the humanities at Cornell, the importance of teaching and advising, and I believe Cornell has made a meaningful commitment to what I consider to be the important priorities in higher education,” Altschuler said. He has been an avid advocate for promoting high-quality education on campus by building close relationships between faculty and students, yet he worries that not enough of the Cornell community takes this mission seriously. “I’m concerned that not enough students or faculty take advising seriously,” Altschuler said. He believes technology is one of the reasons for lackluster relationships between professors and students.