Prof. Chekitan Dev, hotel administration

CORNELL CLOSE-UPS | Hotel Professor Brings the World to His Classroom, Takes His Classroom to the World

“The problem in many professional schools is that you either have professors with just pure academic training or professors from the real world without any advanced academic training, so the former have trouble connecting their teaching to the real world and the latter end up telling a bunch of stories ‘war’ don’t hang together with a good theory.”


CORNELL CLOSE-UPS | Prof. Encourages Intellectual Curiosity, Mindfulness Through Meditation

Prof. Jane-Marie Law, Asian, Near Eastern, and religious studies stays busy teaching Introduction to Japan, operating a sustainable farm and taking a group of students to Japan every summer, yet still finds time to meditate. Law encourages her students to explore subject matter through movies, theatre and art viewings and helps her students to interact with class material by sharing personal stories. “What I’ve discovered is that what people really want to hear is other people’s stories,” she said. “They don’t really want to hear other people’s truths. [That’s why] I never talk about something that I don’t really care about.”
In addition to her course material, Law has strong feelings on the education system, which she believes confines students’ curiosity rather than encouraging imagination.