CHOUNG | The Club-tastrophe 

As the month of September rolls around, it is remarkable how quickly the atmosphere shifted from the comradery of students bustling to make friends to the cutthroat tension as competition intensifies to join a pre-professional club. I first saw hints of this change when I started seeing more students strutting around North Campus in suits and business casual attire. They all seemed to clump together in a sea of black suits and walked with a sense of purpose that I admired from afar.

BEARD | Any Person, Any Study … Any Club?

When I tell people back home that I go to Cornell, I tend to get a lot of groans. They are groans that encapsulate an outsider’s perspective of expensive private schools like ours. “Cornell” and “Ivy League” are terms that, in the public eye, are entrenched in privilege, wealth and selectivity. As much as I’d like to say the public’s presumptions about our school are wrong, the University has a lot of issues working against it which we need to address. More specifically, to fight this perception of rampant elitism on campus, we have to start with the toxic culture of Cornell’s clubs. 

The low acceptance rates and peer-to-peer competition of a selective admissions process don’t stop at Cornell’s gates.

OLGUIN | The Clubs You Join

About two years ago, a Sun columnist shared their thoughts about Cornell Clubfest and included some well thought out ideas of how to fix the way that we go about our clubfest. They correctly pointed out that clubs are meant to foster your passions and interests outside of academic pursuits, and thus should allow for more room for the student to meet the club and for the club to meet the student. 

STELLA | Thank You For Coming Out of The Womb First

My brother guided me through clubfest (giving your email to too many groups will result in non-stop notifications), our ever-hated DUST report (is that only for Arts & Sciences?), and Greek life rush. He gave me advice without ever trying to sway me to do or join the things he did.