VALDETARO | Code Red Calamity: “Living” with the Virus

By reducing testing capacity and frequency, the University made itself less resilient and nimble in the face of a potential new variant like Omicron. Given that COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, Cornell’s administration should take decisive action to improve its public health capacity, indoor air policies and logistical preparation for the next time there’s a surge.

VALDERATO | Can You Test Me More?

This is not a call for endless restrictions on social life or acts of pandemic theater. I actually agree that any outdoor mask mandate is prioritizing the wrong thing given the miniscule risk for outdoor transmission compared to eating in a packed dining hall. Similarly, I acknowledge that most if not all of us are likely to get COVID-19 in our lifetime, experiencing it as a non-life-threatening illness somewhere between a cold we don’t notice and a bad case of the flu.