Cornell Scores $10 Million For Poultry Research

“The purpose is to try and make U.S. poultry production more sustainable and more profitable for the producers,” said Prof. Xingen Lei, animal science, one of the co-principal investigators on the project, explaining that the project stands to disrupt one of America’s largest and most ubiquitous consumer markets.

HUA | Plastic Straw Paranoia

I collapsed into a chair in Libe with my third coffee of the day in hand. It was a typical college experience: running on little to no sleep for the third night in a row, desperately trying to cling on to every single neuron as I tried to finish everything before I lost another night of sleep. As I let out a long sigh, my friend shot daggers at me with her eyes. “What?” I asked, not entirely hiding my exasperation. “This is the second plastic straw you used today,” she replied, angry at my apparent lack of environmentalist fervor.