SCAZZERO | The Fans Make the Game

Athletes are great with their athletic ability and all that, but it’s really the fans and the atmosphere surrounding them that makes sports what they are. Sports fans can be clever, awesome and make the whole experience of the game that much more fun. Some of the best parts of going to any sports event (except golf and tennis, I guess) are the cheering, chanting, jeering, heckling, tailgating and painting of bodies and spirit apparel. There’s nothing like being around thousands of excited people, all hoping for the same thing — a win. One thing is for sure, the American population loves its sports, so here are some of the teams and arenas that have the best atmospheres in North America.

LEWIS | Sports Rituals And Superstitions


The Chicago Cubs are one step closer to capturing their first World Series title since 1908, after belting the St. Louis Cardinals with home run after home run in the NLDS. Some would say that the series win was due to the Cubs’ nucleus of young talent finally realizing its full potential. I would have to disagree. I would say that the Cubs beat the Cardinals in the NLDS because it was fate.