SCAZZERO | The Era of the Meme

The meme is a weird phenomenon of the 21st century. Memes appear suddenly out of nowhere and then travel everywhere. It all starts with a picture of a random person’s face capturing some oddly specific expression, and then boom, it spreads like wildfire and before you know it, some new unsuspecting subject has their face plastered all over the Internet. Meme-fame is fast and furious, as they never last very long (except for a rare few) because as we all know, fame is fleeting — even meme-fame. The most popular meme of late, the “meme du jour” — if you will — is of a girl in a blue dress sitting up straight with her ankles crossed and lips pursed while “smizing” at the camera.

SCAZZERO | Combating the Pay Gap in Soccer

Columnist Sophia Scazzero writes about the inequality in earnings that plagues women’s soccer. Despite the success of the women’s team, Scazzero points out that the women on the team make much less than their male counterparts.

SCAZZERO | Storming the Court

It’s almost bracket time for March Madness, which means it’s almost thetime of year for another basketball tradition: storming the court. Storming the court has been a tradition in college basketball for about as long as the sport has been around. The rush of fans onto the court is common at most schools after a monumental game; the crowd goes wild and leaves their seats to go celebrate with their team. It happens so often at the end of a big game that to a spectator it seems relatively harmless — just a way in which the fans get caught up in emotion and show their appreciation for the team. Personally I have never been a part of storming the court, but it seems fun.

SCAZZERO | Another Olympics, Another Controversy With the Host City

The Olympics are always a couple months of guaranteed pomp and circumstance, moments of unfathomable joy and victory and of heart-wrenching grief, or just plain fascination because, WOW there is some cool stuff. But it seems like in recent years, the Olympics have drawn more attention for not just the athletes, but what goes wrong with the venues.

SCAZZERO | A Battle of Two Eras

This article is going to run after the Super Bowl has already been played and won, but it would seem wrong to write about anything that was not Super Bowl-related on Super Bowl weekend. And no matter the outcome this past Sunday — as it will prove historic for whichever team and quarterback wins — the impressiveness of the matchup between the two quarterbacks remains. One of the big things that everyone keeps bringing up regarding Sunday’s Super Bowl is how it is a shame to see two great quarterbacks finally play against each other but at almost opposite points of the spectrum in their careers. Cam Newton is on the rise, while Peyton Manning is probably playing in the last Super Bowl of his career. Though the two will not actually have a face-to-face showdown — because that’s how football works — it will still be a cross-generational battle of sorts.