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GUEST ROOM | A Senior’s Take on Greek Life

For me, one of the only upsides of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a surplus of time to spend reflecting on memories of the past four years at Cornell. One of the biggest parts of my college experience, and the experience of about a third of the Cornell undergraduate population, was being a part of Greek life. I find myself thinking back to the FOMO I had about three years ago in the spring of my freshman year as I watched most of the people I knew join Greek life. It was this same feeling of missing out on some major part of college that pushed me to join a sorority in the fall of my sophomore year. At first, I unequivocally loved it, despite not having many meaningful friendships.

Interview with Anu Subramaniam ’20

Before becoming The Sun’s editor in chief on the 137th editorial board, Anu Subramaniam ’20 reported extensively on the Greek community. She shared with the newsletter team on how she approaches the topic — with objectivity, transparency and empathy.

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DELGADO | Shame Highlights Cornell Society

It’s time that we re-evaluate shame culture on this campus. We, as students, need to band together to make this experience manageable and rewarding for all.


EDITORIAL: Lawsuit Filed By Family of Deceased Freshman Antonio Tsialas ’23 Is a Call to Action

If you see something, say something. If you hear something, say something. According to The Sun’s reporting, the parents of Antonio Tsialas ’23 are suing Cornell University, the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and individuals. Cornellians who know information — but are willingly hiding that information from law enforcement — are sinning against the parents, siblings and friends of Tsialas. Cease the all-too-Cornellian habit of selfishness.

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TRUSTEE VIEWPOINT | A Reflection on Greek Life at Cornell

A month-long winter break has come and passed. Still, after having just completed this year’s first rush cycle, the state of Greek life at Cornell and new University policies on Greek events remain some of the most contentious issues on campus. However, this isn’t the first time that the Greek system at Cornell has been at the center of controversy. Some of the first major complaints about dirty rushing were filed around 1915, to which the IFC responded with a Barnes Hall trial of the accused fraternities. Why are we – a century later – still grappling with the same question of how to curb misbehavior in Greek communities?


EDITORIAL: What Goal Is Cornell Trying to Achieve Through Greek Life Reforms?

Few people would argue that the social scene on this campus is doing fine. Even fewer would say that the Greek Life that existed on this campus 12 months ago was a healthy system. It is clear that reform is necessary. It is urgent. And it needs to come from the adults paid to unearth them — not patched together on the backs of college students without the institutional knowledge, experience or mental bandwidth to reform them.