MALPASS | Toeing the Party Line

Look how the Democrats handled the past election. Ever since Obama was elected president, they have been pushing the same Hillary 2016 agenda. There was never any choice in the matter, after Obama we were to have Clinton. End of discussion. The DNC actively worked against the Sanders campaign when he threatened to take away the nomination from Clinton and promote actual progressivism to the party.

REDDY | President Clinton and Her Husband Bill

Chandler’s boss made a joke in a Friends episode referencing a possibility that many Americans have been waiting to witness for quite some time: Hillary Clinton as President of the United States, becoming the first woman to wield the title ‘leader of the free world.’ He said “I strongly believe that we should all support President Clinton — and her husband Bill.” It was based on the premise that Hillary was overstepping her role as First Lady, to the point of essentially doing her husband’s job. She was out of her place. Although the tasteless joke was made by a schmuck and Chandler only laughed to avoid any conflict, it did touch on how sexism can affect a powerful woman. Pundits have speculated over the multitude of reasons for the election outcome in the past few weeks. Conservative commentators have been quick to argue that any effects of sexism were cancelled out by Hillary’s status as an elite.

GLANZEL | This Election Is Depressing

In less than a week it will finally be over. No more ads, no more speeches, no more debates. In just five days the most vitriolic election in modern American history will finally come to a close — and I can’t wait. Four years ago, MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough said something quite fascinating. Remarking on the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, Scarborough stated how lucky we were to be Americans.

KOWALEWSKI | The Part We Play

Here’s the current state of the affairs: Donald Trump has closed much of his polling gap with Hillary Clinton. While I believe that the Democrats continue to hold the advantage, the probability of a Trump victory is far from remote. Furthermore, the Republican Party has the potential to retain control of both the House and the Senate. In the simplest terms, this election is highly competitive. On an average day, we encounter a wide-range of facts and stimuli, and must act accordingly.


According to the Federal Election Commission, there are 1,870 registered candidates in this year’s presidential election. Needless to say, it’s a lot to talk about. For that reason, in this article, I’m only going to talk about one. I want to take a brief movement to talk about Hillary Clinton and why I legitimately believe she is a strong candidate to be our nation’s 45th president. It’s too simple, and too lazy, to merely argue against an alternative.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Why We Support Hillary Clinton for President

To the editor:

The media has devoted quite a bit of attention to Senator Bernie Sanders’ (D-Vt.) strong support among young people. As a group of progressive student leaders on campus, we want to take the time to explain why we plan on voting for Secretary Clinton in the New York primary on Tuesday. Underpinning Clinton’s campaign is a keen and focused understanding of what it means to put together a platform. We hold candidates accountable for what they say they’ll accomplish if elected, which is why it’s so important that a candidate’s platform and positions be fundamentally grounded in reality. They don’t propose ideas in the context of a political system as it ought to be, they work through the system as it is, all the while striving to make the system better.


To the Editor:
We are voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Secretary Clinton’s extensive background in civil service and political involvement is unparalleled and makes her the most qualified candidate to serve as our president. She has dedicated her life to bettering the lives of all Americans. As a result of her experience as Secretary of State under President Obama, she has exceptional knowledge, understanding and wisdom in working with foreign leaders. Senator Bernie Sanders has no experience in foreign policy, and has failed to put forth a rational plan for improving the posture of the U.S.overseas.