Coughs on Campus? Probably the Flu

2,216 cases of the flu have been reported in Central New York since Oct. 5, 2019, with 65 of those having been treated at Cornell, according to Anne Jones, Cornell Health’s director of medical services.

A Veterinarian Without Borders: Dr. Jarra Jagne’s International Veterinary Career

The “One Health” initiative doesn’t just apply to a link between doctors and veterinarians. It reflects the need for a global effort to combat epidemics that are as far-reaching as zoonotic diseases. Dr. Jagne firmly believes it is this force, a system of collaboration spanning not just countries but continents that will better prepare the world for the next epidemic.

A New PHeNoMena in Health

According to Prof. David Erickson, mechanical and aerospace engineering, the use of waves to guide particles, allowing for small scale chemical analysis, makes mobile health testing a possibility.

Protest Against Chicken Slaughter Disrupts Public Health Lecture

A protest that broke out during a lecture required the speaker, Dr. Mary Bassett, commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, to be escorted out of the room by Cornell University Police Department officers on Monday.