Temptation Island Tempts Fate and Viewers

Overall, Temptation Island is fascinating. It’s a social experiment, an edge-of-your-seat thriller and a dumpster-fire reality show all bundled in one. It consistently provides everything one could ask for in a reality series: people that make really poor decisions, and too much alcohol for anyone’s own good.

Anal Sex, Making It Work, and Other Things Tim Gunn Likes

We sat outside CTB, incognito, each wrapped in blankets and R’s face masked by her fedora —
R: It’s a “lady hat!”
— sipping our espressos, discussing the upcoming election, Proust, the human condition and Project Runway. R and R’s political discussions never seem to result in much r-and-r, and this instance was no different.
R: You don’t have to hold me down and spray Fantastik in my mouth every time.
R: That last time was an accident.