POOR | Cornell’s Ragtag Army

Until recently, the muddy fields of U.S. women’s rugby have been largely uncharted. Women’s teams have developed since the mid 20th century and gradually gained popularity with players and fans. Particularly at the collegiate level, U.S. women ruggers (rugby players) are proliferating. Escalating interest in women’s rugby has prompted several Ivy League universities to elevate their women’s club rugby teams to the NCAA varsity level, concomitantly vesting players with the resources, support and privileges of varsity athletes. Last Tuesday evening, 11 players from the Cornell women’s rugby team met with me to discuss their mission of transforming their sports club into a varsity team.

Dirt, Grit, and Women’s Rugby

My Pitch

You’ve seen the bone-crushing hits on YouTube and the disgusting injuries on ESPN and other networks. You’ve definitely stumbled upon a game while looking for another show, but continued without giving it a second thought. It’s the only game I know of where, for 80 minutes, you can kick, throw and run with the ball, stand on top of your teammates, dive, hit someone … all without pads and uninterrupted play. I’m talking about Rugby.