S.A. States Solidarity with Syracuse Students

Amid student-led protests at Syracuse University over a slew of racist incidents, the Student Assembly passed a statement of support of these students on Thursday. “The Student Assembly calls on leadership at Cornell, at Syracuse, in New York State and on the Federal Government level to acknowledge and investigate these hate crimes and allocate all resources possible to support the communities affected,” the statement read. “We look forward to seeing justice delivered.”

For nearly two weeks, Syracuse has experienced a number of racist incidents that garnered national attention. These incidents included instances of racist graffiti, depictions of swastikas and hate speech directed towards black and Asian students. Tensions heightened when students were reportedly sent a racist, conspiratorial manifesto about white genocide.

S.A. Votes to Increase Byline Funding for EMS, MGFC, ISU

The Student Assembly approved Thursday increases in byline funding for Cornell University Emergency Medical Services, the International Students Union and the Multicultural Greek and Fraternal Council Thursday, kicking off its funding cycle of 2019. If these increases are approved by the S.A. at the end of the semester, they will go into effect in 2020.