GUEST ROOM | Funding EARS Reveals Deeper Issues About the Student Activity Fee

When I read EARS’ application for funding, I saw serious issues with how they planned to spend their money. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose many details. Though it is certainly unethical that organization budgets being funded by student tuitions are not public. It speaks volumes about the relationship between the S.A. and the student body when the only details that are public are ones that are on the audio recordings for meetings.

BEARD | All EARS: It’s Time to Pay Attention to the Student Assembly

Thankfully, EARS is back in a reimagined way providing mentorship training and similar services. Although more limited in scope, the newly designed EARS planned to open its doors once again to students which brings us to the recent actions of the S.A.’s Appropriations Committee.

MULLEN & ORTANEZ | Confronting Cornell’s Legacy in the Colonization of the Philippines

Beyond this, Schurman justified his view on the necessity of colonization using the prevailing “White Man’s Burden” logic. His personal writings on the Philippines contain paternalistic views of Filipinos, arguing that they must be “taught to govern themselves as Americans or Englishmen govern themselves.” They also include anti-Muslim tirades in which Schurman called Muslim Filipinos “heathen” and argued that America must “eliminate the Mohammedan”.