How to? | Grocery Shopping During COVID-19

I didn’t want to come home. I enjoyed eating on campus, picking up apples at GreenStar and drinking cappuccinos from Gimme! Coffee. But even before I left Cornell to live at home with my parents, my family was discussing the plan for grocery shopping. My sister, who lives in New York City, insisted that I do the shopping instead of my parents, since their age puts them at a higher risk of complications from COVID-19.

Local Ithaca Store Owners Hope for More Business With Christmas Shopping Weekend

Ithaca’s downtown businesses hope to supplant the traditional post-Thanksgiving buying frenzies with Shift Your Shopping, a set of three themed shopping days aimed at promoting local business over big box stores this holiday season. From November 23 to 26, the holiday season will start with Plaid Friday, then celebrate Small Business Saturday, and end on a sweet note with Cider Monday. Allison Graffin, Downtown Ithaca Alliance marketing director said the weekend draws attention to both the importance and impact of shopping locally. “Plaid is the new Black,” said Local First Ithaca co-founder Jan Norman, explaining that Plaid Friday aims to shift attention away from giant corporations to independent retailers. Local First Ithaca has participated in Shift Your Shopping for several years, according to Norman.

Welcome Home: The Simple Genius of SkyMall

I’ve never known I was closer to home than when I was flying back from Paris, France to Dallas, Texas, and found a SkyMall magazine in my seat pocket. Granted, I was flying high on Dramamine and a Jim Beam and Coke, but I could have sworn I had died and gone to aeronautic heaven. America, I’d missed you: Who could have forgotten such knick-knack paddy whack pleasures still exist?
Perusing this catalog of crap is almost like the joy I felt as a child picking out a gross (144 pieces) of worthless birthday party favors from Oriental Trading Company (…the name is for real). I was in deep, puppy-sick love with the materiality of shitty goods. Mmm, first world buying power, you taste so sweet.

Thrifty Spring Fashion Grab Bag

As this is my last column for this year, (sad face), in lieu of a single theme I am going to open my Mary Poppins-bag of fashion tips and tricks to get you through the rest of the semester and get you excited/ready for the summer with the clothes you already own.

Two-ferrific: There's Nothing Better Than Two For the Price of One

If there’s anything I like better than a one-fer, it’s a two-fer.
For you folks not hip to my slang (and there could be a great lot of you … I have been known to make up a word or two), a “two-fer” is a “two-for-one” deal; i.e. I pay for one awesome thing, and, due to the “magic” of Capitalism, I get two things at a roughly-equal-but-let’s-be-realistic-never-more-than-one-and-a-half-times-more-expensive-than-usual price (and let’s not think about who’s disadvantaged by this scheme for now). Well, in two-fer deals, it’s really just that I get one awesome thing and one extra, usually seriously shoddy thing.
But who cares!