Tompkins County Creates Resident Housing Survey

Planning Department launched a housing survey Wednesday to encourage people who live, work or study in Tompkins County to share their housing experiences and needs. The survey, open through Feb. 22, is intended to give the county an updated understanding of the housing needs of the residents of the county, since its last housing needs assessment survey was taken 10 years ago. Megan McDonald, senior planner of The Tompkins County Planning Department, said that this survey will expand upon the 2006 survey by providing data with “finer detail” of the local population. The 2006 assessment gleaned light on a major trend in the Tompkins County housing market —  that the county’s population increase combined with slow housing unit growth, in addition to the decline in the number of persons per household, caused an increased need for housing development in urban areas within the county.

C.U. Outlines $20M Pledge To Aid Tompkins Facilities

As many cities around the country struggle to make ends meet, some communities are looking toward non-profit institutions for greater financial assistance. In keeping pace with this trend, this past June the University outlined the first installment of the $20 million it pledged to donate to Tompkins County for housing, infrastructure and transportation improvements.
Accordingly, the University plans to spend over $1 million each on housing and transportation efforts in 2009 to help attract a new generation of talent and meet the local demand for employee and student housing. Cornell is looking to invest specifically in home buying programs and new housing developments along with road repairs and pedestrian and biker safety.