April 25, 2007

Behind the Code: News About the Newsletter

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While every editor at The Cornell Daily Sun would contend that every section and every story is worth reading, let’s face reality. Some people check out the paper to read the opinion columns, some read the sports section to find out about lacrosse’s latest victory, while still others may read Arts and Entertainment/DAZE/whatever they call it. And some may actually read the newspaper for the news.

Given four sections to choose from, one can assemble 15 different versions of the newspaper. Needless to say, printing and distributing 15 different versions would prove inefficient, and we would probably receive poor marks for sustainability (think of all the paper that would be wasted). However, what we can not accomplish in print, we can achieve on the Internet — or, more precisely, through email.

Yes, the Cornell Daily Sun does have an email newsletter, for those of you who didn’t know. If you don’t receive our email newsletter yet, then consider registering for an account on our website (https://cornellsun.com/user/register) and subscribing to our email newsletter from your user page (https://cornellsun.com/user).

Until recently, the email newsletter delivered all of the day’s stories from all sections to your inbox. However, for those of you read the email newsletter just for DAZE, you may get tired of scrolling to the bottom of the email every day. Thus, we’ve recently added to ability to customize your subscription. You choose the sections you want to read. Just check the specific sections you want to receive from your user page. It’s that simple.

Also, if you have been subscribed to the text newsletter for a while or have not subscribed yet, then definitely consider choosing the HTML version of the email newsletter. Redesigned just before spring break by staff members Aneil Hedge ’10 and T.P. Wong ’10, the HTML version sports a much better look and feel. And while you’re at it, go listen to the latest audio podcasts, read the latest blogs, and post your comments on the latest forum topics.

We at CornellSun.com remain committed to enhancing your news experience in ways that just aren’t feasible on paper. As you open up your inbox to get the latest stories when you wake up in the morning, we hope you enjoy our improved email newsletter customized to your preferences.

Mike Wacker ’10
Assistant Web Editor