March 20, 2009

Can We Earn Home Court Advantage Too?

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It’s been a media whirlwind in Boise Idaho … interview after interview, story after story and you guys will see what I am talking about in the next couple days. But right now, all eyes are on Taco Bell Arena. The Red will try and launch its name into March Madness lore with a win over Missouri.

But right now, I’m sitting courtside at the Marquette vs. Utah State game. Even though Marquette is a 6 seed and Utah State is an 11 seed, its clearly a home game for Utah State considering how close it is. I was predicting a Marquette win on my brackets but after seeing this, my opinion has to at least consider changing. For the Red’s sake, let’s home Utah State wins because if these fans stick around, they are cheering for the underdog and might give us that extra “umph” we need.

P.S. I did a feature story about Utah State freshman Brady Jardine, the only player out of all the teams in this region actually from Idaho … Stay Tuned

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