September 4, 2023

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | Find Your Place at The Sun!

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Since the pandemic, The Sun has undergone numerous ups and downs and remained afloat amid various challenges, including the general decline of local news and journalism as a profession.

Despite these challenges, we continue to publish daily online and twice a week in print. So, what keeps a place like The Sun moving every day? The students.

Across editorial and operational sections, Sunnies are a dedicated bunch who prove that the power of student journalism is well-alive today. Many people wonder what motivates us to put out a daily paper, especially considering that Cornell offers no journalism program. But that is precisely why the work we do matters.

The Sun has crafted its niche in being the premiere institute for journalism at this University while maintaining its independence. With 142 years of rich tradition, our walls echo with the voices of past editors who now adorn the halls of the biggest news media organizations in the world. Become part of that tradition, and leave your mark on our storied history.

Contribute to the future of the oldest continuously-independent daily newspaper. At The Sun, the sky’s the limit, so find your place and see where it takes you. 

The Sun will hold its fall recruitment information sessions at 5 p.m. in Goldwin Smith G-19 on Tuesday, Sept. 5 and G-64 on Thursday, Sept. 7. Come hear from our editors about why they work at The Sun, learn why independent journalism matters and why we need you to keep The Sun rising every day.

— A.B.