The weed smoke covered the — wait, can I get some of that?

April 20, 2024

Cannabis Fumes Cause for Cloud Eclipse Obstruction, Experts Say

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Cornell researchers released a report on Tuesday, April 20 detailing a snapshot of the region’s abnormal climate that caused increased presence of clouds during the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse on April 8. 

Following public outcry from students at the eclipse watching event organized by the University in Ho Plaza, researchers from the seeds and stem department released a report on the levels of cannabis fumes in the atmosphere and they found that there were 420 metric tons of F.U. — a chemical compound found in marijuana. 

“Listen, we haven’t seen something so high since, well, maybe Tom last Saturday,” said lead researcher Maria Juana Canne-Abis. 

Some have argued the cause for the increase in smoking activity was caused by the recent opening of a dispensary in the City of Ithaca, following statewide efforts to contribute to the safe use of cannabis. Other states such as Texas that were also in the path of totality were not affected by the presence of weed fumes.

“It is the liberal agenda that is ruining everything. If those so-called ‘environmental warriors’ cared about the environment, they would stop lighting it up so often,” said Supa High, president of the Cornell Republicanz. 

There were also live reports from students actively smoking while attending the eclipse watching event — many students were seen exchanging blunts. 

“I just wanted to share the happiness, you know? Everyone is here ready to watch the eclipse, and I thought we could take it higher,” said a student who was seen handing out blunts to other individuals at the top of Libe Slope. 

In a statement to The Sun, President Pollack denounced the presence of students smoking on Libe Slope, arguing she was deliberately excluded from partaking in the activities. 

“I find it deeply troubling that as the President of the University I was not extended an invitation, and a blunt, to be there,” the statement read. 

Overall, the researchers stressed that the presence of fumes caused a deep disturbance on the overall campus vibes, and advised the community to double it and pass it to the next person. 

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