Raging Messy But Nice

I don’t like Deerhoof as much as I used to, but don’t you dare tell her. Ragging on Deerhoof is like punching your kid brother in the throat for asking you to “be” Slimer, in a hetero-male version of house. That shit’s too cute! But let us respectfully lament the loss of Deerhoof’s cross-eyed, youthful aggression: their stomping, undressed rock and those punctuating lyrics. With Friend Opportunity, Deerhoof has wizened their arrangements and complicated their lyrics into playful narratives. The trashcan band fronted by Hello Kitty is now headlining at a children’s theatre near you.

If He Had Done It

Daze says goodbye to the school year with a reflection on Putin

If Putin did it, he certainly would not have used a pussy radioactive element like Polonium-210. I mean, like, give the man some credit. He’s the president (tsar?) of the former USSR headquarters — dude would’ve gotten like two henchmen to hold the double agent bastard’s tongue so Putin could’ve Bowie-knifed that shit, or at least judo-chopped it. (Putin has earned a rainbow of felt belts and is well known for his devastating hip toss.) So everyone, PUH-LEASE. Besides, would the Kremlin choose an element that was named in honor of its discoverer, Marie Curie (a woman), whose homeland happens to be the nefarious Poland. Politics 101 people — Poland and Russia are like Cain and Abel. Vlady would not want any credit given to the whiney, ass pain-inducing Polish for anything – good, bad, or radioactive. Put 2 and 2 together folks; it doesn’t add up to 210.