S.A. Passes Mental Health Initiative for Asian Students

Yesterday, the Student Assembly passed a resolution encouraging the University to deal more actively with the physical and mental health issues facing the Asian and Asian-American student communities.
The resolution was based on a report commissioned by Vice President Susan Murphy ’73 and Provost Biddy Martin in 2002. The report looked at various aspects of the health of Asian and Asian-American Cornell students and recommended solutions to various problems that community faces.

Soup Study Wins Prof Mock Nobel

For many, the words “scientific research” conjure up images of tests tubes, clipboards and white lab coats. But for others, like Prof. Brian Wansink, applied economics and management, scientific research can be much more relevant, dynamic and even fun.
Wansink has just been recognized for his research by the Annals of Improbable Research, who awarded him the Ig Nobel Prize. The Ig Nobel is granted to those researchers who are involved in work that is quirky and fun, but also scientifically sound. Other 2007 winners included a “gay bomb” that causes enemy soldiers to become irresistible to each other, and a trap for bank robbers that is designed to drop a net on top of them.

Students Unite For Obama

Dozens of excited students cheered on speakers at the Barack Obama Rally for Change outside the Straight yesterday. The rally featured several students all of whom are passionate about politics and getting the Cornell population out to vote.
Rally for Change was put on by Cornell Students for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), a student group dedicated to organizing support for Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign.

Cornell Junior Runs for Common Council

With prelims starting, homework increasing and temperatures dropping, most Cornell students are finally settling into their academic routines. However, some, like Svante Myrick ’09, have begun focusing on issues beyond the academic curriculum. In order to maintain town-gown relations and work on behalf of student interests, Myrick is campaigning for the Ithaca Common Council.

CALS's New Agricultural Sciences Major Broadens Farm Education

In an effort to keep the study of traditional farming progressive, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has instituted a new major, agricultural sciences, which will combine the study of agriculture with other disciplines, allowing some CALS students to broaden their undergraduate education.

“I think that sometimes studies in agricultures are though of as being somewhat narrow or focused on a certain job outcome or discipline,” said Associate Dean Jan Nyrop. “But this allows a broader mix of education background for people who may not be looking [to work] on a farm but instead in other industries with a broader agricultural base. In short, it’s agriculture with a liberal arts bent.”

Construction Interrupts Daily Life on Campus

The sight of construction has become commonplace on the Cornell campus, especially for anyone traveling to or from North Campus, studying in Mann library or taking a class in Bailey Hall. However, with arrival of spring (on the calendar, if not in the weather forecast) many of the construction projects that have become so familiar are nearing an end.

Spiritual Master Shares Visions of Global Peace

Last night, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, internationally renowned spiritual leader and founder of The Art of Living Foundation, spoke in Cornell’s Statler Auditorium. Many of the lecture’s attendees traveled from other states, and even countries, to hear him speak. As he passed down the aisle, people swarmed around to greet him thank him, and even to bow at his feet.

Community Praises New Housing Office

Yesterday, students, faculty, Cornell administrators and Ithaca landlords gathered in the Straight to celebrate the grand opening of Cornell’s new Off-Campus Housing Office.

The OCHO used to be located in the Robert Purcell Community Center on North Campus and was part of Cornell University Campus Life. However, due to the recommendation of a specially appointed task force, the office will now be housed at 401 Willard Straight and will be under the jurisdiction of the Dean of Students.

Scholars Debate U.S. Role in International Criminal Court

Last night, Prof. Jeremy Rabkin government and John Washburn, a convener of the American Non-Governmental organizations Coalition for the International Criminal Court, spoke about U.S. foreign policy in a debate entitled, “Seeking Global Justice: Should the United States Joint the International Criminal Court.”