V-Ball Heads to Binghamton

With last week’s tough season-opening tournament out of the way and under its belt, the volleyball team will be looking to pick up its first win — or wins — of the season this weekend at the Binghamton Invitational. The Red will face Farleigh Dickinson this afternoon, with two matches against Towson and Binghamton tomorrow morning and evening. The tournament will take place just down the hill in Vestal, N.Y.
“This weekend being at Binghamton gives us another opportunity to see some competition,” said head coach Sarah Bernson in an interview with the university. “[We will] see where we’ve improved upon from last week and continue to give us benchmarks for our own development as a team.”

Losing as Life Experience: Sucking It Up

I hate losing. I hate it more than almost anything — more than the Yankees, more than losing to the Yankees, more than prelims and swine flu and the redesigned Ivy Room. I don’t like losing in Monopoly, I don’t like losing in poker, I didn’t like losing in high school and I don’t like losing in their current equivalent, the amalgamation of collegiate “athletics” known as intramural sports.

Volleyball Trains, Bonds as Season Approaches

As the start of the volleyball preseason looms on the horizon, the Red has been working since the thursday of Orientation Week to make sure its senior leadership and its influx of new blood are combining together as smoothly as possible. This year, the freshmen will outnumber the seniors seven to three, rookie head coach Sarah Bernson is looking to hit the ground running, and the team will be starting its season an entire week earlier than in previous years. No one can say that the season will be lacking in excitement.
Following a five-year stint as the Red’s assistant coach, Bernson took over the top spot this year following the departure of former head coach Deitre Collins-Parker for a head coaching position at Sand Diego State.

Pride and Prejudice: ‘Futbol’ Match Highlights One American’s Egotism

I have heard, on occasion, that I can sometimes be, well, a few ticks to the left of acquiescent. I admit, I can be rather insistent during debates — always friendly discussions, of course — and I should say that my sophomore year I was given the distinctly dubious title of Queen Bellige (as in belligerent). I prefer, however, to think of myself as passionate, rather than hotheaded and tenacious, instead of obstinate. It’s all just semantics in the end, right? Just don’t ask my mother.

Bleeding Big Red … And Krug and Cuvee

I was going to start this column differently. I was going to start this column with a GO BIG RED! With a happy exclamation and gold stars all around. And then, predictably, just when I had readied the celebratory poppers and had the Krug Grande Cuvée on ice, (Which wasn’t cheap, by the way. I blew $350 on that bottle, and I highly doubt I’m going to be able to return it!) a certain Big Red sports team lost! Ouch. It took some time, but I feel I have now recovered sufficiently, with a little help from my friends Krug and Cuvée, of course and I will now attempt to transcribe from memory the column I was going to run before Saturday, aka “the Big Red Disappointment.”

M. Lax Seeks Outright Ivy Title vs. Brown

Good things so often come in three’s: three’s a charm, the Three Stooges, Tic-Tac-Toe. But this Saturday in Providence, R.I., the men’s lacrosse team hopes for its own special three — three outright conference titles in the past five years. The No. 2/4 Red, riding high from its 10-7 upset victory over then-No. 1 Princeton last Saturday, will be fighting for the chance to take sole possession of the Ivy League championship by beating the No. 13/13 Bears, currently in second place in the Ancient Eight standings.
“For us it’s such a big game, we want to have an outright Ivy title,” said senior midfielder Max Seibald. “When we share the title we actually don’t get to keep the Ivy trophy for the entire year.”

Clash of the Titans

If ever there was a day for Cornell students to lose the apathy about athletics for a few hours and support their home team, tomorrow is that day. The men’s lacrosse team will host rival Princeton, the top-ranked team in the country, in a matchup that will be watched by clubs across the country because of its significance both for the Ivy League as well as the rest of Division I lacrosse.
Head coach Jeff Tambroni likes to say that no game is more important than any other. He takes this approach seriously, preparing for this match just as he and the team would prepare for any other.
“I think we’re [approaching] this match like every other game throughout the season,” he said. “Every game is a big game.

Uncle Ezra Goes for a Jog

I’m sure my loyal fans have started to notice the gradual shortening of my lovely bi-weekly columns. And for my next trick, I will make this column disappear!
But today I have a message of hope to my loyal fans — I flatly refuse to allow my column be choked out. No, I will continue to write meandering, sometimes funny, always ridiculous streams of consciousness until Editor in Chief Emily Cohn ’10 (who is required to read my column, ha! Did someone say No. 1 fan?) pries the keyboard from my spastic, over-caffeinated fingers … lagging ad sales be damned!
On that note, I did have something I wanted to write about today with my remaining 300 words. Thanks to everyone who is still reading at this point, by the way. Ten points.

Men’s Lacrosse Rebounds With Rout of Dartmouth

The men’s lacrosse headline on Dartmouth’s athletics website Sunday read “Cornell Too Much for Big Green.” Too much, indeed. Talk about a rebound. The men’s lacrosse team took another step forward on the road to another Ivy League championship with a morale boosting 19-6 win over Dartmouth Saturday in New Hampshire. The No. 3 Red (8-2, 4-0 Ivy) dominated in almost every category, forcing the Green (3-8, 0-3 Ivy) to play catch up the entire match. The win will do a lot to erase any lingering bitterness following the Red’s loss last weekend to No. 6 Syracuse.
“It was a must-win game,” said freshman attacker Rob Pannell. “After the Syracuse game we were a little disappointed. I think the Dartmouth game was a chance to just get a win, keep on track for the Ivy title.”