First-Year Students Raise Concerns About Orientation Events at Student Assembly Meeting

Members of the Cornell Orientation Steering Committee and Student Assembly addressed concerns from first year students at a forum hosted during Thursday’s Student Assembly meeting at Robert Purcell Community Center. After concluding the S.A. general meeting, President Jordan Berger ’17 opened the forum by asking members of the community — especially first-year students — to come forward and share what they felt was missing from their transition to Cornell. OSC co-chair Ethan Kramer ’17 — along with OSC members Finn McFarland ’18 and Emily Hunsinger ’18 — fielded questions from the community. After a few minutes of discussion, ILR student Joseph Anderson ’20 sparked a long conversation on the required orientation events Tapestry and Speak About It by recalling a hostile exchange between a student moderator and an audience member during a Tapestry question and answer session. “At least in [my Tapestry event], it got very hostile between the student moderator and the students who were questioning,” Anderson said.

University Assembly Honors President Garrett, Discusses Plans for Gannett

The University Assembly broke procedure to pass a symbolic resolution expressing condolences and appreciation for President Elizabeth Garrett at its Tuesday meeting. The assembly then turned to discussion of the construction of Gannett Health Service’s new facility. U.A. Chair Matthew Battaglia ’16 began the meeting with a moment of silence honoring President Garrett and sponsored a resolution expressing the assembly’s willingness to assist the administration “in any way necessary” during the transition after Garrett’s death. Although not enough members were present for a vote, Battaglia broke procedure and motioned for the U.A. to carry out a vote over email. “This resolution is exceptionally self-explanatory, since President Garrett unfortunately and tragically passed away this past Sunday,” he said.