Students Clash in Restructuring Student Assembly

Julia Montejo ’17, vice president of diversity and inclusion, acknowledged that the S.A. needs to do more to include low-income students in the political system, but she said it is difficult for representatives to step outside their personal experiences when making legislative decisions.

Student Assembly Fund Aims to Improve Campus Infrastructure

Created three years ago, the SAIFC helps fund infrastructure changes on campus by financing student-initiated building proposals, according to Kasher. In the past, the committee has provided predominantly monetary contributions, which she said some felt demotivated members.

S.A. Moves to Clarify Special Projects Funding Process

“We amended it to clarify that students applying for the Special Projects Fund have to just report all other funding sources that they have or intend to apply to in order to fund their project,” said Julia Montejo ’17, vice president of diversity and inclusion.

Mental Health Awareness Week Aims to Combat Stigma

Mental Health Awareness Week is part of an ongoing campaign to change the culture of mental health on campus, whether through raising awareness, eliminating stigma, or providing assistance.