Test Spin: Bowerbirds

Hailing from North Carolina, the Bowerbirds further develop their folk-inspired sound on their sophomore album, Upper Air. Phil Moore and Beth Tacular’s stirring lyrical duets and complicated harmonies are enhanced by the band’s effortless acoustics and the help of Matt Damron on percussion. A blend of accordion, guitar and bass drum, the trio produces authentic and original songs that embody the spirit of the beautiful landscape in which they live.

Barton Bumps with Bhangra

A crowd of 2,600 packed the stands of Barton Hall on Sunday night to see the largest student run show on Cornell’s campus — Pao Bhangra. With one of the largest crowds in the show’s history, this is the eighth year in a row that it has been held on the Cornell campus. The biggest exhibition of its kind in America, the annual event brings Bhangra teams from around the country to partake in the show. This years’ performance included routines from the Rochester Kids Bhangra, NYU Bhangra, Lalkaare Sheran De, DCBC Girls, USC Jachdi and Cornell’s own Mundey men’s team, Kudiyan women’s team, Alumni All Stars and Mixed Team.

Vixen on Vocals: Neko Case Rocks the State Theatre

Riding the bus to the State Theatre last Monday night, I felt apprehensive about reviewing Neko Case’s upcoming performance. During her career, Case has contributed to several different musical groups, including the Corn Sisters, Neko Case and Her Boyfriends, the Sadies and the New Pornographers. Sure, I am a tried and true New Pornographers fan, but would my admiration for Neko Case transcend to her solo work? Would Case’s amazing vocal presence still interest me outside of the indie pop genre? Could I sit through an alternative country song set?
Yes, yes I could. And I would like it. Now I can proudly say that I like country music.