HABR | On Bernie Bros and Their Own Undoing

Bernie Sanders’ (D-Vt.) rise from relatively unknown senator to viable presidential candidate could not have been possible without the help of his loyal supporters. These supporters, mostly younger, including many students, women and minorities, are attracted by his relatively progressive politics and promise of change. However, while many of Sanders’ backers pride themselves on being progressive, their actions in promoting his campaign often suggest otherwise. The term “Bernie bro” describes supporters of Sanders that are primarily young, white and male. These men have a reputation for being obnoxious and overzealous, and often misogynistic.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Bernie can make college affordable again!

To the Editor:
Both private and public college tuition costs have increased exponentially since I attended Cornell in the early ’70s. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) thinks it’s outrageous that today’s students will be saddled with huge student loan debts, sometimes as high as $100,000. He advocates a tax on Wall Street speculation that will enable public colleges and universities to offer tuition-free education, and he’s fighting to significantly reduce student loan interest rates. In addition, Bernie has consistently voted to raise funding for public schools and to reduce class sizes. Bernie’s proposals show ingenuity and a concern for the ability of working class students to obtain a good education.

Petition Urging Bernie Sanders To Visit Cornell Gains Support

A petition urging Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) speak at Schoellkopf Field before New York’s April 19 primary — created by Ithaca resident Alexander Stick— has received over  3,000 signatures in under a week. “New York is pivotal for the Bernie Sanders campaign … let’s get enough signatures to fill the 25,597 seats in Schoellkopf Field at Cornell University,” the petition reads.   
Stick said in his petition that upstate New York is  home to “one of the highest concentrations of [Sanders] supporters in the country.”
Kayla Elyse Brooks, a research technician in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and a member of the Facebook group ‘Cornellians for Bernie Sanders 2016,’ said that she would welcome a Sanders rally at Cornell. “I think it would be great for a lot of the students who have adopted their parents’ views to see Bernie in front of them speaking to our generation about our future,” Brooks said. Andrea Stone ’16, creator of the Cornellians for Bernie Sanders 2016 Facebook page, also strongly supported having the  presidential candidate speak on campus. “I think Bernie Sanders is the candidate with the most competent resume and background experience needed to effectively lead our country into an era of technological and educational advancement,” she said.