KEMPFF | Save the Campus Tour

Now, however, I desperately want my sister (and all other prospective college students) to have the same experience that I did. Although Cornell has done a great job providing online resources to these students, it doesn’t compare. Few things replace the awe-inspiring site of Fall Creek gorge or the first-hand beauty of the Arts Quad. Seeing a place like Statler Hall online is a far cry from the living, beating heart that makes Cornell wonderful.

BUONANNO | With the Class of 2025, Cornell Has an Opportunity to Reinvent Itself

For those needing a bit of a refresher and for newly admitted students, your first few weeks on campus are generally pretty standard. You will be picked up your first night by an orientation leader who will bring you around to some campus-sponsored social events. If you are lucky, they’ll give you an address for a Collegetown party later that night. For those with no such luck, come 11 p.m. or so, first-years make a mass migration to Collegetown — with friends they will never see again after that week — to grovel for entry into filthy fraternity parties. Following your first night of partying (if that’s your thing), you will stumble hungover to the far reaches of campus for your class photo, only to find out that half the class ditched the event.