KUBINEC | Don’t Sacrifice Your Life For a Career

Why is the reward for acceptance to an Ivy League school working 70 hours a week at Goldman Sachs? Shouldn’t the point of going to Cornell be to earn a decent living doing something less burdensome, even if it involves taking a pay cut?

FRIEDMAN | Summer, Signing Off

My time away from Cornell was defined by low stress, great times with friends old and new and a richer connection to my heritage and future ambitions. For those that cannot travel far, I would suggest discovering new perspectives and finding purpose in your local area through volunteer, professional or religious organizations, mentoring younger students or finding local areas that bring relaxation and refuge.

On the Grind: Consulting Edition

“Given I had never worked for a really large company, I had the image of these large firms as really well-oiled machines where everything was operating smoothly. It was reassuring and almost calming to see that there are mistakes along the way and no one’s perfect.”