Ithaca School District Shuts Off Water Supply Following Detection of Lead

Following the detection of high levels of lead, the Ithaca school district shut off its water Wednesday, motivated by what superintendent Luvelle Brown called “an abundance of caution.”

A previous test of the water quality released in 2005 revealed levels of lead that exceeded the action level, but district officials are still investigating whether any action has taken place since then, according to The Ithaca Journal. This discovery follows on the heels of the Flint water crisis and ongoing public health emergency. Drinking water containing high levels of lead has left thousands of children in Flint, Michigan at risk of serious health problems.
Brown said in an email to district parents that the district will quickly take steps to evaluate the water’s quality. “Immediately, we will begin a thorough updated water testing and evaluation process in all district facilities,” he said. In the meantime, water bottles will be distributed to teachers and students, according to the email.